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This isn’t any old video game, so if you want a chance to play ball like they do in Space Jam: A New Legacy for real, sign up for the Arcadia Tryouts! is selecting 6 cities for its North American Tour.

We’re looking for competitors of all backgrounds and ages who think they have what it takes to compete in this groundbreaking sport.

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Arcadia and Warner Bros. are making history.’s revolutionary platform—which makes fully-athletic, arena-sized video games possible—combined with Warner Bros. Pictures’ live-action/animated movie Space Jam: A New Legacy, is making the game REAL.

A lucky few players were already selected to “enter” the Warner Bros.’ “server-verse” featured in the film and compete for a chance to play like the Tune Squad.

Check out what happened:
Space Jam: A New Legacy is in theatres and streaming exclusively on HBO Max’s Ad-Free plan July 16; it will be available on HBO Max for 31 days from release. For more info visit

Disclaimer: This game is not available to the public at the moment.