Our Story

Three years ago, Arcadia set out to bridge the gap between sports and gaming for the next generation of fans to watch, play and enjoy. We set out to bring together the best elements of sports and video games, creating a new breed of competition that tests our athletes both physically and mentally.

Inspired by movies like TRON and Ready Player One that showcased a world where gaming and athleticism was real and exciting to watch, we saw an opportunity to build this vision of the future with our own ground-breaking technology.

With our proprietary tech, we built the world’s largest free roam, multiplayer XR arena. In our Samos Arena, our athletes run, jump, and dodge obstacles and competitors completely free of cords, cables and limitations.

While our athletes compete, our fans and audiences at home can watch it all with our Helio Cam broadcast system which puts them directly inside the game. No headset is required! Fans and audiences can tune in and watch never-before-seen games on their smartphone, tv, and computer anytime, anywhere.

So, are you game? Watch and follow as we dare to revolutionize the future of sports and gaming.

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